#BringBackOurGirls was started as an outcry to a recent event that involved the kidnapping of hundreds of girls in Nigeria.  However, this is representative of a much larger issue that our world is facing.  In his recent article, What’s So Scary About Smart Girls?, Nicholas Kristof discusses why educating girls is so important.  Not only does it create leaders in the community, it reduces future family size and allows women to get paid jobs in the city.  These are some of the first steps a country must take to become stable and improve it’s economy over the long-term.  Therefore, it would be useful to reallocate some of the money that countries like the United States spend every year on drones, surveillance and other terrorism measures to the cause of educating girls worldwide.

My Thoughts – I think that his points are tremendously useful to realize.  I don’t think that we can always fight violence and war by having a bigger army or a bigger stick.  I think it’s important to stick to our own beliefs when we are trying to oppose forces that seem out of our control.  It’s useful to stick to our values, which include simple things like providing medical care, nutrition, clean water and education to us all.  Although this may not get rid of people who are out to do harm in the world, at least it will improve the lives of those who are going to make up the next generation.  These children (both boys and girls) are the leaders of tomorrow, and they deserve the right to be educated so that they can build strong communities and come up with innovative solutions that will bring us into the best possible future.


About Amanda

Hi, I’m Amanda! Originally from Ottawa, Canada, I am currently living with my partner (Steve) in Sucre, Bolivia for the next year. I work in the unique space between industrial design and international development – but what does that even mean? I’m passionate about working WITH marginalized communities in a way that utilizes design to improve the lives of different types of people around the world. I have worked, studied, traveled, and researched on every continent (except Antarctica), and most recently I lived in Ghana, Bangladesh and Nepal. I love exploring new cultures and learning more about myself along the way.
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