Cruising down the Meghna River – Sundarbans Trip (Part 3)

Bangladesh is really green!  Living in bustling Dhaka, you would never realize how much of Bangladesh is lush.  It was great to get a chance to explore more of the country and see how life is along the river.  Bangladesh is sometimes called the land of rivers, since so much of it’s landmass is criss-crossed by water-ways.  Read further to find out about the last part of my trip to the Sundarbans.

DSCN1764   DSCN1778

Day 4

At 4 am the boat started moving again (I’m not sure why that time, but think it has something to do with the tide…).  I woke up for a minute and went right back to sleep.  You think it would be easier to sleep when the boat is still, but you’d be wrong.  When the boat is still you can feel it rocking considerably whenever another boat passes (making some of the girls a bit sea-sick).  It’s also extremely hot when there’s no wind.  So when the boat is moving, the hum from the motor sort of vibrates everything, which is actually quite peaceful.  The moving boat also creates a breeze to blow is the window, which is lovely!

20150924_034552   20150926_105503

The cabins were simple but fine.  This is the view from my cabin window… it’s nice to watch the world go by.

DSCN1732 (2)    DSCN1708 (2)

We saw some animals along the way, such as water-buffalo.  Many insects were also drawn to the lights in the boat (especially after dark).

Day 4 was a very chill day.  Most people had sunburns from the day before, and were quite tired, and in need of a rest.  Most of the day was spent lying around on mattresses on the deck in the shade (see photo below).  We read our books, watched the scenery, played some cards games, ate our meals… and basically just watched the world go by.  Most people didn’t have internet/reception until later in the afternoon, so it was a great chance just to disconnect from the world and relax.

DSCN1763   DSCN1749

Day 5

Much like day 4… The boat started heading up the river at 4am, but we all slept until at least 8.  Breakfast and then relaxing all day on the boat.  Due to the heat, nobody wanted to spend time in the cabins, so we all brought mattresses and pillows out to the deck (the one with an overhang/shade).  We basically lay around, played a bit of UNO and other cards games, read our books, took in the scenery (all of this interspersed with naps).  It was lovely to just chill.  Around lunch, we stopped along the river and some people went swimming (I was not one of them).  The current was moving quite fast, big ferrys and other boats were coming by, and the water was brown.  No thanks.  But people had a lot of fun splashing around and jumping off the top deck.  Some locals on the shore even cheered them on.  The afternoon was the same as the morning.

DSCN1762   DSCN1768

At around 5:30 we all packed our bags up. 6 was dinner, and we said our goodbyes to the crew.  We exchanged contact information and got back in the bus that would take us to Gulshan.  It was interesting to see some different parts of the city on the drive back.  Within about an hour we were parked in front of the travel agency office, where we gathered out bags and said goodbye.  It was my first time taking a CNG alone at night, and I was nervous about telling the driver where to go.  I followed the path on my GPS to make sure we were going in the right direction.  I used my newly learned Bangla words to give indications for left “bam”, right “dan”, and straight “shoja”.  Eventually we got back to the hotel, I was pretty proud of myself!

DSCN1779   DSCN1774

Overall I would recommend the Sundarbans to any traveler visiting Bangladesh.  It’s unlikely you will see a tiger, but it’s a great chance to get outside of the city and relax.  You get to explore how Bangladesh really is a country full of rivers, and you get to see a different perspective (and a greener view) of life in this country!

DSCN1721   DSCN1751

If you missed my last 2 blogs about the Sundarbans, you can find them here:


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  1. sumaica says:

    That looks amazing. I had no idea that Bangladesh had this many lakes.

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