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Blog Award 2016 Nominations Announced (NEPALIAUSTRALIAN)

Apparently, I have been nominated as one of the Best Travel Blogs of the year (2016) by NEPALIAUSTRALIAN.  It’s definitely a nice feeling. 🙂 I know that she’s been following my blog for a while, and her blog is visited … Continue reading

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Re-Blog: “Why ‘Design For Development’ Is Failing On Its Promise”

I saw this article today and was immediately interested in reading it.  As most of you readers might know, I have a background in industrial (product) design, and have studied/worked/read quite a bit about the development sector.  World issues is … Continue reading

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Re-Blog: “The Baker’s Dilemma and the inequity of restricted funding”

Today I stumbled across a great blog post (you can find the original blog post here) about the problem with restricted funding by donor agencies. Today, I want to talk about unrestricted funding. A couple of weeks ago, Paul Shoemaker … Continue reading

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EWB’s 5 Year Direction, rewritten

Originally posted on Rebuilding Foundations:
Last year the Engineers Without Borders (EWB) National Office (NO) wrote a new 5 Year Direction plan.  I’ve been involved with EWB for years, but I still only vaguely understand what statements such as “Our…

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Volunteering: The paradox at the beginning of an aid career

Originally posted on Development Intern:
As commencement has come and gone and the Class of 2014 is entering or returning to the working world, I’ve been thinking more about how people begin careers in international development. Most often, by my…

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Re-Blog: Archaeological Evaluations

Originally posted on AID LEAP:
Indiana Jones and the Missing Baseline I’ve conducted several reviews of international development organisations, looking across their portfolio of programmes to assess and compare impact. Each review has run into a key problem – nobody could tell us…

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ReBlog – Building Resilience

Title and Link: Five ways to build resilience: a practical guide Brief Summary – This article talks about how development workers need to work on their resilience, and how this essential skill is often missing in the training that these workers receive. … Continue reading

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