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Getting away from the city: A weekend in Potosi, Bolivia

I love going on weekend trips!  I know a lot of people find them stressful because you have to pack, leave right after work, sit on buses for hours, and then you feel more tired when you get back from … Continue reading

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Getting Around in Dhaka – Rickshaws, Buses, Cars, and CNGs

Dhaka is a very dense city, but it’s also pretty large.  It’s impossible to walk everywhere, so you must take some form of transit… but how do you choose the best way to get around?  To get between cities there … Continue reading

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Walking Past Paradise: My Commute to Work in Nepal

Oh, the dreaded commute!  Around the world, commute times can vary from none (for stay-at-home parents and freelancers who work virtually) to hours (for people who live in rural areas but work in the city or in cities with particularly … Continue reading

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How to get around in Kathmandu – Transport in Nepal

When you get to a new place, one of the first things you need to figure out is transportation.  After walking around in your neighbourhood, you’re going to want to explore different parts of the city.  But how do you … Continue reading

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Attempting a peek at Everest’s peak – A weekend in Nagarkot

Since I’m only in Nepal for a few months, I want to make the most of my time here, and explore as much as possible!  Early last week, our coworker mentioned that Friday was going to be a holiday.  It’s … Continue reading

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