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Saying goodbye to Canada (2nd last week in Ottawa) – 1 of 3

Moving is a big job, and there’s always lots to be done. But moving to another country is even more work! Not only did we have to pack all of our suitcases, we also had to move everything else into … Continue reading

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Is it okay to joke about colonialism?

I subscribe to A LOT of newsletters about development, NGOs, and international issues.  Most of these groups talk about international development issues in 1 of 4 keys ways: Tell us about the bad news (usually the latest natural disaster or war … Continue reading

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My First Fundraiser

As you all know, I’m going to Ghana with EWB.  This means that I need to support the chapter and the organization by doing a bit of fundraising.  I wanted to hold a fun event that could bring all different … Continue reading

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