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I won! :) – Best Travel Blogger of 2016

Guess what? I won “Travel Blog of the Year” 2016 for this blog! How exciting is that? If you didn’t read my original blog post about being nominated, then here’s the short version. Every year, a fellow blogger who goes … Continue reading

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Luck of the Draw: Why having a Canadian Passport is like Winning the Lottery

I’m in Accra, the capital of Ghana, and I flag down a taxi.  After explaining my destination and haggling a bit for a price, I get in.  I’m playing on my phone – checking Google Maps to make sure we’re … Continue reading

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“I hope they don’t hear this at home…” – Keeping risks hidden from friends and family

Life is full of risks.  Period.  Growing up we learn how to cope with the risks around us. Traffic is dangerous, so cross at the lights. Germs are dangerous, so don’t eat food off the floor Strangers are dangerous, so … Continue reading

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Being Disabled (or Elderly) in the Majority World

This weekend is the International Summit on Accessibility in Ottawa, Canada (hosted by Carleton University).  I’ll be presenting there on Monday about my experiences doing my research on products for people with disabilities to earn an income in Uganda.  Therefore, … Continue reading

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