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Traveling in Bolivia: A Great Way to Work on Your Patience and Flexibility!

I highly recommend that everyone travel to Bolivia. It’s an underrated country that many people ignore when traveling to more “exciting places” in South America like Rio, Buenos Aires, or Machu Picchu. But it has a lot of exciting things … Continue reading

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Feeling the Pressure – How Society Influences a Woman’s Life

As a woman, I have always had the dreams of others placed on my lap.  “Here’s a new kitchen set to play with little girl”, “Don’t you want to dress up the barbie to make her pretty?”, and “You need … Continue reading

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A Life With(out) Expectations: Thailand (Part 3)

I work in development. When you work around the world, particularly in “developing countries” you’re like the proverbial tree in the wind; if you’re not flexible enough to bend then you’re bound to break one day. Being flexible means understanding … Continue reading

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“OMG, that’s like SO rude!” – Understanding the Differences Between Cultures

I think people often assume things that are rude are very obvious. That no matter how you grew up you should know these basic rules of society. You’re supposed to implicitly understand what is acceptable and what is not. It’s … Continue reading

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Maximizing Happiness? Sometimes you just need to chill…

I know it seems like a strange, obvious topic… but I thought I would post about something that’s really important to me… happiness! What’s the point of living if not striving or pursuing happiness in our lives. Although it’s probably always been … Continue reading

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