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Travelling as a Picky Eater

If you know me, you know that I’m a picky eater. I’ve always made an attempt to try new things, but there are a lot of common ingredients which I just can’t stand.  On top of things like spicy food … Continue reading

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A Weekend in Wine-Country: 3 Days in Tarija, Bolivia

Steve and I are big believers that experiences are much more important than things. That’s why we try to buy each other activities instead of presents for important holidays. Since Steve’s birthday was this week, and the weekend before was … Continue reading

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Rice and Lentils – Eating Lunch at the Office

One of the most common questions people ask when you go to a new country is “How’s the food?”, or “what do you eat there?”.  Since I’m so picky, I rarely eat real Bengali food.  I have my own kitchen … Continue reading

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So… what is South America really like? (Part 1 – Local Customs)

Food and Drinks  There’s food here for everyone, if you’re in a big enough city.  You can find Italian, Mexican, lots of Chinese, and of course, the local cuisine.  However, most restaurants have menus that include every meal under the … Continue reading

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Adventures in South America (Arriving in Lima)

Leaving Canada! – So we got no sleep the night before we left, like we were literally still packing 5 minutes after my mom arrived to drive us to the airport. But thankfully, we didn’t forget anything important! All our essentials … Continue reading

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