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Saying goodbye to Canada (Last weekend in Toronto) – 3 of 3

Normally when I go on a trip, I’m rushing until the last minute trying to finish everything and get all my packing done.  This time we decided to do it a little different, and finish packing the weekend before we … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to Canada (Last week in Ottawa) – 2 of 3

After wrapping up work in Ottawa, we left ourselves exactly 7 days to get everything in order for our big move!  We stopped working on Friday, and on the next Friday our apartment was cleaned out, we had all our … Continue reading

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Attempting a peek at Everest’s peak – A weekend in Nagarkot

Since I’m only in Nepal for a few months, I want to make the most of my time here, and explore as much as possible!  Early last week, our coworker mentioned that Friday was going to be a holiday.  It’s … Continue reading

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So, where does Ghana’s energy come from anyway? And why are the lights always off…?

This past weekend, a few friends and I decided to go check out the dam where all of the electricity in Southern Ghana comes from.  We thought it’d be a good getaway and would be a cool opportunity to learn … Continue reading

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