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Re-Blog: “The Baker’s Dilemma and the inequity of restricted funding”

Today I stumbled across a great blog post (you can find the original blog post here) about the problem with restricted funding by donor agencies. Today, I want to talk about unrestricted funding. A couple of weeks ago, Paul Shoemaker … Continue reading

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Video Interview – Winnie Byanyima: ‘Excited but skeptical’ on private sector’s role in development

I watched a great interview today from Devex (Raj Kumar) with Winnie Byanyima (Executive Director of Oxfam International).  The video discusses how the private sector can fit into the current development framework, how things have changed, and what might happen in the … Continue reading

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TedTalk – Paul Collier: New rules for rebuilding a broken nation

Title and Link: New rules for rebuilding a broken nation (or as part of a great playlist called The Road to Peace) Presenter: Paul Collier is an economist, a professor at Oxford University and the author of The Bottom Billion, a book about … Continue reading

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TedTalk – Nat Ware: Free Charities from the Idea of Charity

People have certain ideas about charity… that overhead costs are bad, that making profit is inappropriate, etc. The presenter turns these ideas on their heads and makes us question the idea that “Doing good isn’t good enough.” Maybe charities don’t … Continue reading

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Book – Freedom from Want by Ian Smillie

Title: Freedom from Want: The Remarkable Success Story of BRAC, the Global Grassroots Organization That’s Winning the Fight Against Poverty Author: Ian Smillie Published: 2013 Pages: 259 pages (paperback) Brief Summary – This book is a history/case study of the organization called BRAC which … Continue reading

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TedTalk – Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong

Title and Link: The way we think about charity is dead wrong Presenter: Dan Pallotta  invented the multi-day charitable event industry with the AIDS Rides and Breast Cancer 3-Days I watched this interesting TedTalk a couple of months ago and recently stumbled onto … Continue reading

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