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Saying goodbye to Canada (Last week in Ottawa) – 2 of 3

After wrapping up work in Ottawa, we left ourselves exactly 7 days to get everything in order for our big move!  We stopped working on Friday, and on the next Friday our apartment was cleaned out, we had all our … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to Canada (2nd last week in Ottawa) – 1 of 3

Moving is a big job, and there’s always lots to be done. But moving to another country is even more work! Not only did we have to pack all of our suitcases, we also had to move everything else into … Continue reading

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Squid? I don’t understand… A week of training before my placement

This past week I’ve been attending SKWID (pronounced like “squid”) in Ottawa. For those not in the Cuso International family, that stands for Skills and Knowledge for Working in Development (I think…?). Basically, it’s 5 days of training at Cuso’s office … Continue reading

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A Journey to a New Continent

  Pre-departure ended with a pub night at Crocodile Rock.  We didn’t stay very late, but we did end up getting drinks and playing cards back at the hostel until 2 in the morning (bad idea!).  Especially since I set … Continue reading

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