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You’re going where? That sounds dangerous!

I think that everyone has pet peeves.  Something innocent that someone else does that drives you a bit crazy!  Maybe it’s illogical, maybe you think it’s gross, or maybe it’s just happened to you so many times that it now … Continue reading

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Feeling the Pressure – How Society Influences a Woman’s Life

As a woman, I have always had the dreams of others placed on my lap.  “Here’s a new kitchen set to play with little girl”, “Don’t you want to dress up the barbie to make her pretty?”, and “You need … Continue reading

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Starting a New Project – Expat Coffee Club

I enjoy writing a blog. Although it’s a lot of work to keep up with everything, and even more mental energy to lay things out in a nice way with pictures, I find it gives me a real sense of … Continue reading

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#BringBackOurGirls was started as an outcry to a recent event that involved the kidnapping of hundreds of girls in Nigeria.  However, this is representative of a much larger issue that our world is facing.  In his recent article, What’s So Scary … Continue reading

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